Fellowship CrossPoint FAQ

  1. Remind me, what exactly is a Rebirth Merger?
A Rebirth Merger is a specific type of church merger where a joining church (Shadyrest Bible Church) and a lead church (Fellowship Capital City) merge for increased gospel impact in their communities. Rebirth Mergers are a strategic way to partner declining churches with growing churches for increased ministry effectiveness. Rebirth Mergers include a transfer of ownership from the joining church to the lead the church. The new name will be Fellowship CrossPoint (or CrossPoint for short).

  1. How will CrossPoint communicate with me?
While CrossPoint develops a new website (FellowshipCrossPoint.org) and builds new communication systems, we will continue leveraging the current communication platforms. Therefore, we will communicate identical messages through both Fellowship Capital City and Shadyrest Bible Church’s existing email and social media. Once the new communication platforms are complete, and all contact information synchronized, all communications will come through CrossPoint. For the time being, please visit www.FellowshipCapitalCity.org or download the free app (search Fellowship Capital City) to access more resources.

  1. Why is the church building temporarily closed?
To help facilitate a fresh start for CrossPoint, a “refresh” for the building and grounds will occur this fall. These renovations will tentatively include new signage for CrossPoint, a hospitality center, fresh paint, and some new flooring. With the valuable input of SBC leaders, we developed a strategic plan to leverage the property for increased effectiveness and growth. We are eager to fulfill SBC’s original vision of a family ministry center, including classrooms for children. The goal is to break ground on this building expansion in 2022.

  1. During renovations, where and when will we worship?
We will temporarily gather on Sundays at 4:00 PM at the Nottingham Ballroom, 200 Mercer Street, Hamilton, NJ 08690. We understand 4:00 PM is not ideal, but with the minimal options during COVID, this was the only time and location we could use consistently. There is plenty of free parking. We will not be able to offer nursery at this location, but parents may sit with or care for their children in the entryway during the service.

  1. How do I give during the transition?
During this transition period, please continue your current methods of giving. Once the legal consolidation process is complete, we will share new giving instructions for CrossPoint. Thank you for your joyful generosity.

  1. Can I become a member of CrossPoint?
After the building renovations are complete, we will offer an onboarding process for CrossPoint. This process will include a two-session “All In” class on consecutive Sundays to get to know CrossPoint. Current Fellowship Capital City members will attend session one only as part of the re-covenanting process. Shadyrest Bible Church members will attend both sessions. Stay tuned for more information!

  1. When will be the Grand Opening of CrossPoint?
Once we return to 187 Crosswicks-Chesterfield Road later this fall, we will eagerly engage our communities by demonstrating the love of Christ in the most tangible of ways. After serving the community as CrossPoint and building relationships, we will formally launch with a Grand Opening service. Due to the uncertainty and fear surrounding COVID, we will intentionally delay the Grand Opening to maximize its strategic impact. Pending COVID developments, we may target Easter Sunday 2021.

  1. I am struggling personally, who should I reach out to for support?
CrossPoint leaders and deacons are here for you. Please contact us at Info@FellowshipCrossPoint.org or call/text 609.304.9302. While we understand existing relationships within SBC may be the best avenue for support, Pastor Brennan will work closely with SBC leaders to ensure everyone is cared for well during the transition.

  1. I was part of an SBC ministry; will we continue to meet and or serve?
CrossPoint is developing a ministry vision for the fall with strategic emphases on building one, united congregation. Therefore, we will launch small group gatherings and opportunities to serve as a cohesive church family. Stay tuned for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Info@FellowshipCrossPoint.org
609.923.4814 (call or text)