An Evening with Laura Perry Smalts

Jul 29, 2023    Brennan Coughlin, Laura Perry Smalts

Laura Perry Smalts shares her personal journey of struggling with her gender identity and ultimately finding her true identity in Jesus. She discusses the confusion and isolation that many young people experience, leading them to turn to the transgender movement for acceptance. Along with moderator, Dr. Brennan Coughlin, they also address concerns about irreversible damage caused by gender affirming care. Overall, An Evening With Laura Perry Smalts emphasizes the message that true identity can only be found in a relationship with Jesus.

[00:00:00] Gender identity and transformation.

[00:05:10] Struggling with gender dysphoria.

[00:08:55] A traumatic experience at eight.

[00:12:09] Bitterness and unforgiveness in turning away.

[00:16:33] Feeling not good enough as a wife.

[00:19:11] The source of my pain.

[00:22:42] Puberty blockers and their effects.

[00:26:17] Artificial changes through testosterone.

[00:29:41] Praying for God's mercy.

[00:33:29] Genital reassignment surgeries.

[00:34:41] The reality of transitioning.

[00:39:37] Hunger for something real.

[00:41:58] Depths of sin and repentance.

[00:44:23] The power of the gospel.

[00:47:11] Conviction and the Holy Spirit.

[00:50:21] Being desperate for change.

[00:53:11] God's transformative power.

[00:56:19] God's unique plan for individuals.

[01:02:51] Being a male or female.

[01:03:11] Longing for male companionship.

[01:07:39] Transgenderism and coming to Christ.

[01:11:12] Sharing God's goodness in life.

[01:15:32] Sexual addiction and its consequences.

[01:19:29] Engaging transgender students in church.

[01:22:18] LGBTQ+ identity in youth ministry.

Laura providers her testimony and answers questions from Dr. Brennan Coughlin and the live audience.