Courage in a Crumbling Culture

Jul 16, 2023    Amit Lonarkar, Brennan Coughlin

Welcome to our new series, TRANSFORMED. We're experiencing a trans moment in out culture that started with Bruce Jenner...the 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medalist...revealing his gender dysphoria to Diane Sawyer. but what is gender dysphoria? The Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorder, the standard resource for mental health professionals, recognizes gender dysphoria as the distress one feels when their biological sex does not align with their gender identity. In other words, gender dysphoria is when you're born one sex but feel like you should be the other sex. There's a disconnect...a dysphoria between the mind and the body...and it's real. Devastating effect of the fall...part of a broken world.

Bruce Jenner's transition to Caitlyn unleashed a culture war: What is a women? Can a women become a man? Gender identity in school. Lia Thomas and fairness in sports. Bathroom controversies and the boycott of Bud Light.

Some may ask, "Why engage in politics? Why welcome controversy?

This series is not about Bud Light or bathing suits at Target. This series isn't about winning a culture war. It's about people...people made in God's image...and the people searching for identity in the transgender movement. The TRANSFORMED series is about loving transgender people. But we need to define love and for that we look to Jesus.