Fix Your Life. Seek God's Wisdom! (Proverbs 30:1-9)

Aug 27, 2023    Marc Bookholdt, Donovan McCleese

In this sermon, we dive into the topic of wisdom and humility. We explore the story of Agar, a man who recognizes his own inadequacy and lack of wisdom without God. Join us as we discuss the importance of seeking God's wisdom and the role that Jesus plays in our understanding. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed or out of your league in certain areas of your life, this sermon will encourage you to trust in God's wisdom and seek a relationship with Jesus. Don't miss out on this insightful conversation about the stepping stones to wisdom and the significance of humility.

[00:00:53] Men and manuals.

[00:07:25] King Solomon's need for wisdom.

[00:10:01] God's Wisdom and Jesus Christ.

[00:14:33] God's Word is the only true word.

[00:19:22] Jesus' Love and Sacrifice.

[00:26:51] Stay disciplined.

[00:28:50] Run to Jesus.