Don't Trust Your Gut

Aug 20, 2023    Chris Domenech, Liam Castle

In this thought-provoking sermon, we dive deep into the power of God and the importance of recognizing it in our daily lives. From a personal story of a car accident to the significance of our mundane tasks, we explore how God is intricately involved in every aspect of our lives. Join us as we challenge the idea of separating the spiritual and secular and discover how a deeper understanding of the gospel can transform us. Plus, we unpack the truth about money and its impact on our sense of freedom and purpose. Get ready for a transformative journey as we explore these profound topics and learn to worship God in all that we do. Don't miss out on this enlightening sermon!

[00:02:22] Lack of wisdom and authority.

[00:07:25] Trusting God's wisdom.

[00:09:00] Trusting God with our hearts.

[00:16:19] Trusting God with finances.

[00:19:29] God's providence and provision.

[00:23:04] Wisdom and the Source.

[00:28:51] The Power of God.

[00:35:25] The cost of our sin.

[00:40:08] Trusting God's wisdom.